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Day 4: Managing with broken arms
August 15, 2009, 2:02 am
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On one bright,irradiated day in Megaton, I woke up and grabbed my leather armour and my rifle and ran out of the city. Not too long ahead I was attacked by a camp full of raiders with weapons like sledgehammers, hunting rifles and a laser pistol. I threw one of my 4 grenades at the raiders, It hit them and blew one of their legs off and it rolled towards the car I was behind. This one had the hunting rifle, I grabbed it and tried to take pot shots at the raiders. I managed to decapitate one of them. the final raider was in front of me, I pulled out assault rifle and aimed for her chest, hitting her and knocking her off the bridge she was one.

start by you.

After dispatching them, I took their weapons, Including a sledgehammer, hunting rifle and various ammunitions. I continued along the massively cracked road. I encountered a big military truck with a dangerous robot, a Sergeant RL3, his body was too weedy to shoot and the truck was already catching fire.  Cowering behind the metal boxes, I popped up and down shooting at the android. It kept shooting at the truck, hammering full on until, BOOM. A massive explosion knocked me back, forming into a big irradiated mushroom cloud. I hopped back up, Fuck, both my arms are crippled. On the plus side, the robot is dead.

robot by you.

I kept walking along, getting attacked by dogs, Annoying ones. The Sledgehammer came in handy, whacking the dogs that came up across me. I walked acrsoss the brown, grey saturated world, with trees shrivelled up and black. The ground rolled over, with cracks in the middle of the earth, forming rocky cliffs, I found one and took a risk and jumped down. A group of heavily armed mercenarys in combat armor strolling along the bottom of the cliff face. I chose to hide in a crack of the bottom of the cliffside. I crouched and turned the light of my Pipboy off. One of the three aproached and talked to me. He said something about me being too good at being nice and they wanted to kill me. I tried sorting it out with them but they were not in the mood to talk. So if they were in the mood for something else, I guess I better join in. I pulled out my assault rifle, and got to cover. I aimed for the head and shot at one of mercenarys. I blew their face off, exploding in five different ways. The second Talon Company merc took a intimadating approach and ran at me. I grabbed my sledgehammer and whacked his legs off. The third guy took the smart approach and ran away; but I got in a lucky shot and stopped him running.

talon company by you.

I looted them and found my leather armor obselete. I found myself walking north to see how far I could get and I came across a large cluster of buildings surrounded by barbed wire and sandbags. I walked around the rim and looked for the entrance. I came across a bridge and walked over it. A man in combat armor asked me why I was here. I told him whats what and he then said “We can’t take any chances with super mutants”. Where the fuck am I?

bigtown by you.


Day 3: “A Weirdo……With Glasses”
July 10, 2009, 2:23 pm
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After the fixing of the bomb I headed over the bar to see whats what. I talked to the bar keeper, I walked out 1 Cola richer. I headed out to find weapons in the wasteland, I was attacked by a mole rat, annoying things. It turned into a pattern. I ran into a party of people with a robot that had lasers strapped to it’s arms. I better not do anything but walk past. They snickered at me calling me ‘a part of the local wildlife’, Armour clad twats. I was tempted to go to the dark side and flip out at them but clever me noticed their weapons. flamers, shotguns and missile launchers. I kept on walking. I ran into a barn. I ran towards it, pondering on what could be in there. I see three figures on the distance, I slow down to a crawl and draw my 10mm pistol. They came closer, I backed up against the wall and reloaded the pistol. They stopped and stepped through the hole in the barn. One of the guys spotted me and shouted “That’s the guy, Open Fire!” I fired off 5 shots to the face, moderately injuring him, I grab my baseball bat and whacked him repeatedly until I saw him fall. One down, two to go. I looted his corpse of his black combat armor, 3 frag grenades and a laser pistol along with 20 rounds . I ran to the nearest rock for cover. The two other grunts were gaining and I used the frag grenades. I ditched the grenade at the mercenaries armor hoping it would hit him and explode on impact but; it pinged off their armor and plopped on the ground giving them enough time to run. One of the guys was not slow enough to retreat and was blown up. I rushed to the corpse picked up the important stuff (armour, weapon and ammunition) and headed for cover. One more guy left. this gave me an opportunity to try out this new laser pistol. I Emptied my magazine on the wastelander and finished him off with a blow to the head. I searched his corpse and found a contract for extermination. It all makes sense now. I put on their armour and headed off. I came across a group of mutant cattle drinking out of a hole near a cluster of irradiated barrels. I sat there for a rest and repair my stuff.

Spill by you.

After that I saw buildings in the distance, that would be a good source for loot. I found cluster of stores accompanied by a subway station. I headed first for the electrical store, I mean, that’s where everyone goes first when looting stores. I entered and was ambushed by a gang of raiders. These guys were like badly dressed droogs with welding masks instead of bowler hats. These guys were quite easy, dispatching the first raider with 2 shots to the head. That guy was wielding a tire iron, the next two guys had assault rifles and flamethrowers. This is going to be a bit harder. I shot the guy with the flamethrower and stole his weapon. I picked it up and killed the other guy, I was uninterested in the raiders armour and stuck to the weapons. I checked the store and found nothing other than a few stimpacks and a few clips of 10mm ammunition. I walked outside and was immediately pelted by some sort of bug. I had my rifle equipped and shot at the bug. It still wasnt dead and I was down to 5 rounds and that was the worst of my problems. I was being shot at by a weirdo……..with glasses. He had a powerful sniper rifle and was shooting at me. I ran to the electricity store and headed for the ladder that I saw earlier, I climbed up to the roof and crouched down. I grabbed my laser pistol and creeped up to the edge and and shot his legs. I it crippled him and tried to limp away I jumped down from the ledge and tried to incinerate him. Seeing that it was wasting ammo, I stuck to the easier alternitive. grabbing my bat I charged at him and swiped. It hit him square in the back and his boady spasmed when he fell. I grabbed his sniper rifle and most importantly, his sunglasses.

run by you.

After that I headed back to my house, for a lovely peaceful sleep after realizing that I brutally murdered 7 people today.

rifle by you.

Day 2: Springvale Cleaning
June 28, 2009, 8:05 am
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My eyes are hurt by the harsh irradiated sunlight. The eyeglasses wasn’t helping. I jump down from rather a small cliff and follow the road down to the town called Springvale. I thought,  this would be full of objects worth money and useful to defending myself. In a few dressers I find a whiskey and vodka along with the occasional 10mm ammunition box. In the row of mailboxes I find random objects. things like a books helping my hand to hand skill. In a safe I find a 32 caliber pistol with 7 rounds. Its not much but some ammo is better than no ammo. I walk over to an abandoned ranch as it seemed like a reasonable place to rest.

I feel like owning n00bs by you.

I enter the house and see various drugs and cutlery on the table, then I realize the stereo is switched on to some propaganda radio station. Then a woman walks in. She gets agitated and started shouting at me. tell her to calm down and explain everything..So she does. It turns out shes a prostitute for a bar in a town called megaton. I tell her that I’ll tell him that your gone and she thanks me. I walk out and check out the town called megaton. before I find it I walk over to a vending machine, thinking that it might hold something useful. It had a few bottles of what was called Nuka Cola. I grabbed the three of them and walked over in the direction of the sign labeling megaton.

silver by you.

I encounter a huge metal scrapheap with what looked like Robbie the robot. I walk through the huge metal gates and greeted by a Lucas Simms, the town sheriff. I’m not good with first impressions so I kept my mouth shut. He labeled me as a ‘fucking wastelander’ and a ‘psychotic quiet type’. I think he likes me. He tells me something about defusing a bomb, what bomb? Oh the massive one in the town center, I’ll see what I can do. I walk down there and already see there’s someone praying to the damn thing. I tinker around with it and….yes, Its fixed. I go back to the sheriff and he gives me 100 bottle caps, the currency round here. He appreciated the job so much that he beckoned me to stay here. After that I needed a drink, so I headed over to the bar.

bomb by you.

Day 1: Continued
June 19, 2009, 9:05 am
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According to my dad, I’m a perfectly healthy 16 year old, so I have to  take a G.O.A.T test. Instead of stalling I headed out and saw Butch and his gang picking on Amada. I know I need to be good but I might need to save her ‘Taxi Driver’ style. I approach Butch and ask whats going on. Not in the most friendliest way, he essentially tells me to piss off. This is the final straw, Sorry butch why did it have to come to this. I challenge him to a fight. He seems a bit regretful about this. I whip out my fists and throw all my force at his face, wham! Right in the nose. He staggers back from the disorientation of the blow. He jabs at by gut, affecting me mildly. I could tell he was weak, so I finished him off with a punch in the face. His body slumps on wall. His tunnel snake buddies stare at me in a weird way and walk off into class, completely oblivious to the condition butch was in. I talked to Amada, she thanked me for the violent act of redemptive violence. Oh well, better get to class. Mr Brotch, our teacher acts like I wasn’t gonna turn up. After answering a bunch of ethical questions based on crazed scientists threatening to anally impale with a weapon to a grandmother giving me a pistol to offed someone. after that rather mundane test, I stride out of the class

Fallout3 2008-10-29 13-34-06-39 by Pentadact.

Nineteen years later, Amada wakes me to inform of a infestation of radroaches. Radroaches, that rings a bell, Oh yeah, I defeated of them 9 years ago. Except one difference, with this scenario, they can actually attack me, and guards with truncheons and guns. After stocking up with stimpacks, I headed out, into the vault. A guard immediately spots me, shit, so much for a stealthy approach. Before I can give a taste of my home run whack, he is swarmed with radroaches. Managing to fend them all off, he is scarred by the experience. He limps towards me and I finish the job. One brisk uppercut was enough to kill him. I knew I had to escape to the surface of the wasteland and this uniform wasn’t going to protect me, I took his helmet and armor, as the truncheon was no help to me. Radroaches were no worry as it only took one quick strike to kill them. I soon come across a couple trying out my idea to escape, it doesn’t end well. To guards with guns. I grab my bb gun. fire 5 rounds at their heads. Fuck, the bullets are ricocheting off their helmets. Time to use my pistol. I’m not feeling so good now that I’m physically resembling a human swiss cheese. I use a stimpack and spray bullets into the two. I run up to the body’s and took their guns and ammo. Even though I already had a pistol, there’s nothing wrong with looting items valuable for selling in the wasteland. More radroaches approach me and get whacked away with my bat. I see Amada interrogated by the overseer and the head of guards here. Before I could get in there and do anything, I was attacked by a guard. No guns, no radroaches to lower his health, just a police baton. It seemed a bit unfair to take two shots in the head and walk off. I took out my bat and swash-buckled. baton against bat. I eventually killed him by swiping by bat down the middle. Now, time to ask the overseer what the fuck is going on. I enter the room, The overseer flees from me, and the head of guards springs at me and attacks me with a truncheon. This time, I’m not even gonna bother. 3  shots in the face was enough. Now Overseer, Why are sending guards who trying to beat me to pulp and can I have your password and key please. He refuses to do comply, so I raid his office, taking various supplies, stimpacks, ammo, pre war money and jonas’ glasses, but still no key and password. I search his bedroom, bingo! I head into his office and hack his computer, Open the tunnel and run to the huge steel vault door. Before I go, Amada says goodbye. So do I. It creaks opens, alerting the guards. I dash out of the door, and the guards dont follow, thankfully. I open the door…

scenic overlook by you.

This is to be continued on day 2

Day 1: Ten years in ten minutes
June 11, 2009, 9:43 am
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Down in little Vault 101, I burst out of my mothers womb, and barraged with questions immediately. What gender? What Race? What Name?, A bit much much for a new born infant. I was a male, Caucasian and named myself Fred Hero, a name to reflect my generic hero nature. I gave myself slight stubble and a quiff. The fashion police might not approve but my dad thinks I  look a lot like him. My dad attempts to interrogate me a bit more but before he can, my mother goes into cardiac arrest.Oh well, that’s life in the wasteland. already walking like a pro by you.

One year later, I can crawl, which opens a world of possibilities. My dad is so patronizing, ‘walking like a pro’. He ambles off leaving me to fend myself. Uneasy of my environments, I slowly crawled out of my pen, but then I thought “I think there’s a reason for me being in this pen” there’s a first for everything, I climb out and play with this book called ‘Your Special’, I set my skills in the book and amble back into the pen. I close the door to my pen to make sure my dad doesn’t realize. But he is smarter than he looks. I get an earful of more patronization from him and beckons me to look at  a frame containing a quote from the bible. It has something to do with water but I wouldn’t remember it laterHappy Birthday by you.

Wow, I’m ten years old, and its only been 10 minutes in real time. Its my birthday, I’m going to go round up the presents, “why yes, Amada, I am having a good time, No, Butch isn’t teasing me” The lovely old lady Palmer gave me a sweetcake. Probably a substitute for the right mess the robot made of the cake. Butch rudely shouts across the room demanding my sweetcake. I could insult his mother or take a bite out of it and gloat in front of him, but whats the point, I cant blame him. You can have my sweetcake. What a lousy birthday, a baseball cap, a comic and stolen sweetcake. Just as I was about to leave, my dad taps me on the shoulder and beckons me to come down to the reactor level. wandering down the cold steel corridors I get stopped and given a poem. Its a bit morbid for a birthday poem. Jonas, a friend of my father, gives me a lecture on why ten year olds shouldn’t be down in the reactor level, but points out that he’s joking. Dad finally reaches the reactor level and asks me if I’m ready for my surprise. I was, of course. Wow! A BB gun, my first wasteland scum fighting weapon. My dad had also set up a shooting range. This is obviously to compensate for the robot using a chainsaw to cut a birthday cake. I aim down the sight and shoot the targets, All three hit, although I’m a little sloppy with a gun. A radroach slithers out from nowhere, Dad wants me to kill it but I am meant to be a good guy, but I wont get anywhere not killing it. I fire off 3 shots into its body and head. It falls on its back and shrivels up. I am congratulated. Dad wants me to have a picture taken with him, to make the moment last longer.

This is part one of Day One

June 9, 2009, 1:30 pm
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Hello, This new blog is taking inspiration from Tom Francis’ blog serial ‘Fallout Girl’ and Chris Livingston’s ‘Living in Oblivion’. But Instead of pretending to be a NPC, I’m going to become the nicest person, trying to get the highest karma possible. In this serial I will not use cheats. Although the Title says its a weekly thing, rarely it will not be released on time. I’m playing this game on hard to give the game a harshness to it, so anything could kill our protagonist. Thank you for reading, Enjoy the future posts.


The reason for making this character sickly sweet is because in all my other characters I was as an evil bastard. I wanted to test my willpower of how long I could go being as nice as a kitten before I couldn’t take it anymore and start stealing shit.