This Week In Fallout This Week

Day 1: Ten years in ten minutes
June 11, 2009, 9:43 am
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Down in little Vault 101, I burst out of my mothers womb, and barraged with questions immediately. What gender? What Race? What Name?, A bit much much for a new born infant. I was a male, Caucasian and named myself Fred Hero, a name to reflect my generic hero nature. I gave myself slight stubble and a quiff. The fashion police might not approve but my dad thinks I  look a lot like him. My dad attempts to interrogate me a bit more but before he can, my mother goes into cardiac arrest.Oh well, that’s life in the wasteland. already walking like a pro by you.

One year later, I can crawl, which opens a world of possibilities. My dad is so patronizing, ‘walking like a pro’. He ambles off leaving me to fend myself. Uneasy of my environments, I slowly crawled out of my pen, but then I thought “I think there’s a reason for me being in this pen” there’s a first for everything, I climb out and play with this book called ‘Your Special’, I set my skills in the book and amble back into the pen. I close the door to my pen to make sure my dad doesn’t realize. But he is smarter than he looks. I get an earful of more patronization from him and beckons me to look at  a frame containing a quote from the bible. It has something to do with water but I wouldn’t remember it laterHappy Birthday by you.

Wow, I’m ten years old, and its only been 10 minutes in real time. Its my birthday, I’m going to go round up the presents, “why yes, Amada, I am having a good time, No, Butch isn’t teasing me” The lovely old lady Palmer gave me a sweetcake. Probably a substitute for the right mess the robot made of the cake. Butch rudely shouts across the room demanding my sweetcake. I could insult his mother or take a bite out of it and gloat in front of him, but whats the point, I cant blame him. You can have my sweetcake. What a lousy birthday, a baseball cap, a comic and stolen sweetcake. Just as I was about to leave, my dad taps me on the shoulder and beckons me to come down to the reactor level. wandering down the cold steel corridors I get stopped and given a poem. Its a bit morbid for a birthday poem. Jonas, a friend of my father, gives me a lecture on why ten year olds shouldn’t be down in the reactor level, but points out that he’s joking. Dad finally reaches the reactor level and asks me if I’m ready for my surprise. I was, of course. Wow! A BB gun, my first wasteland scum fighting weapon. My dad had also set up a shooting range. This is obviously to compensate for the robot using a chainsaw to cut a birthday cake. I aim down the sight and shoot the targets, All three hit, although I’m a little sloppy with a gun. A radroach slithers out from nowhere, Dad wants me to kill it but I am meant to be a good guy, but I wont get anywhere not killing it. I fire off 3 shots into its body and head. It falls on its back and shrivels up. I am congratulated. Dad wants me to have a picture taken with him, to make the moment last longer.

This is part one of Day One


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