This Week In Fallout This Week

Day 1: Continued
June 19, 2009, 9:05 am
Filed under: My Adventure of being good.

According to my dad, I’m a perfectly healthy 16 year old, so I have to  take a G.O.A.T test. Instead of stalling I headed out and saw Butch and his gang picking on Amada. I know I need to be good but I might need to save her ‘Taxi Driver’ style. I approach Butch and ask whats going on. Not in the most friendliest way, he essentially tells me to piss off. This is the final straw, Sorry butch why did it have to come to this. I challenge him to a fight. He seems a bit regretful about this. I whip out my fists and throw all my force at his face, wham! Right in the nose. He staggers back from the disorientation of the blow. He jabs at by gut, affecting me mildly. I could tell he was weak, so I finished him off with a punch in the face. His body slumps on wall. His tunnel snake buddies stare at me in a weird way and walk off into class, completely oblivious to the condition butch was in. I talked to Amada, she thanked me for the violent act of redemptive violence. Oh well, better get to class. Mr Brotch, our teacher acts like I wasn’t gonna turn up. After answering a bunch of ethical questions based on crazed scientists threatening to anally impale with a weapon to a grandmother giving me a pistol to offed someone. after that rather mundane test, I stride out of the class

Fallout3 2008-10-29 13-34-06-39 by Pentadact.

Nineteen years later, Amada wakes me to inform of a infestation of radroaches. Radroaches, that rings a bell, Oh yeah, I defeated of them 9 years ago. Except one difference, with this scenario, they can actually attack me, and guards with truncheons and guns. After stocking up with stimpacks, I headed out, into the vault. A guard immediately spots me, shit, so much for a stealthy approach. Before I can give a taste of my home run whack, he is swarmed with radroaches. Managing to fend them all off, he is scarred by the experience. He limps towards me and I finish the job. One brisk uppercut was enough to kill him. I knew I had to escape to the surface of the wasteland and this uniform wasn’t going to protect me, I took his helmet and armor, as the truncheon was no help to me. Radroaches were no worry as it only took one quick strike to kill them. I soon come across a couple trying out my idea to escape, it doesn’t end well. To guards with guns. I grab my bb gun. fire 5 rounds at their heads. Fuck, the bullets are ricocheting off their helmets. Time to use my pistol. I’m not feeling so good now that I’m physically resembling a human swiss cheese. I use a stimpack and spray bullets into the two. I run up to the body’s and took their guns and ammo. Even though I already had a pistol, there’s nothing wrong with looting items valuable for selling in the wasteland. More radroaches approach me and get whacked away with my bat. I see Amada interrogated by the overseer and the head of guards here. Before I could get in there and do anything, I was attacked by a guard. No guns, no radroaches to lower his health, just a police baton. It seemed a bit unfair to take two shots in the head and walk off. I took out my bat and swash-buckled. baton against bat. I eventually killed him by swiping by bat down the middle. Now, time to ask the overseer what the fuck is going on. I enter the room, The overseer flees from me, and the head of guards springs at me and attacks me with a truncheon. This time, I’m not even gonna bother. 3  shots in the face was enough. Now Overseer, Why are sending guards who trying to beat me to pulp and can I have your password and key please. He refuses to do comply, so I raid his office, taking various supplies, stimpacks, ammo, pre war money and jonas’ glasses, but still no key and password. I search his bedroom, bingo! I head into his office and hack his computer, Open the tunnel and run to the huge steel vault door. Before I go, Amada says goodbye. So do I. It creaks opens, alerting the guards. I dash out of the door, and the guards dont follow, thankfully. I open the door…

scenic overlook by you.

This is to be continued on day 2


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