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Day 3: “A Weirdo……With Glasses”
July 10, 2009, 2:23 pm
Filed under: My Adventure of being good.

After the fixing of the bomb I headed over the bar to see whats what. I talked to the bar keeper, I walked out 1 Cola richer. I headed out to find weapons in the wasteland, I was attacked by a mole rat, annoying things. It turned into a pattern. I ran into a party of people with a robot that had lasers strapped to it’s arms. I better not do anything but walk past. They snickered at me calling me ‘a part of the local wildlife’, Armour clad twats. I was tempted to go to the dark side and flip out at them but clever me noticed their weapons. flamers, shotguns and missile launchers. I kept on walking. I ran into a barn. I ran towards it, pondering on what could be in there. I see three figures on the distance, I slow down to a crawl and draw my 10mm pistol. They came closer, I backed up against the wall and reloaded the pistol. They stopped and stepped through the hole in the barn. One of the guys spotted me and shouted “That’s the guy, Open Fire!” I fired off 5 shots to the face, moderately injuring him, I grab my baseball bat and whacked him repeatedly until I saw him fall. One down, two to go. I looted his corpse of his black combat armor, 3 frag grenades and a laser pistol along with 20 rounds . I ran to the nearest rock for cover. The two other grunts were gaining and I used the frag grenades. I ditched the grenade at the mercenaries armor hoping it would hit him and explode on impact but; it pinged off their armor and plopped on the ground giving them enough time to run. One of the guys was not slow enough to retreat and was blown up. I rushed to the corpse picked up the important stuff (armour, weapon and ammunition) and headed for cover. One more guy left. this gave me an opportunity to try out this new laser pistol. I Emptied my magazine on the wastelander and finished him off with a blow to the head. I searched his corpse and found a contract for extermination. It all makes sense now. I put on their armour and headed off. I came across a group of mutant cattle drinking out of a hole near a cluster of irradiated barrels. I sat there for a rest and repair my stuff.

Spill by you.

After that I saw buildings in the distance, that would be a good source for loot. I found cluster of stores accompanied by a subway station. I headed first for the electrical store, I mean, that’s where everyone goes first when looting stores. I entered and was ambushed by a gang of raiders. These guys were like badly dressed droogs with welding masks instead of bowler hats. These guys were quite easy, dispatching the first raider with 2 shots to the head. That guy was wielding a tire iron, the next two guys had assault rifles and flamethrowers. This is going to be a bit harder. I shot the guy with the flamethrower and stole his weapon. I picked it up and killed the other guy, I was uninterested in the raiders armour and stuck to the weapons. I checked the store and found nothing other than a few stimpacks and a few clips of 10mm ammunition. I walked outside and was immediately pelted by some sort of bug. I had my rifle equipped and shot at the bug. It still wasnt dead and I was down to 5 rounds and that was the worst of my problems. I was being shot at by a weirdo……..with glasses. He had a powerful sniper rifle and was shooting at me. I ran to the electricity store and headed for the ladder that I saw earlier, I climbed up to the roof and crouched down. I grabbed my laser pistol and creeped up to the edge and and shot his legs. I it crippled him and tried to limp away I jumped down from the ledge and tried to incinerate him. Seeing that it was wasting ammo, I stuck to the easier alternitive. grabbing my bat I charged at him and swiped. It hit him square in the back and his boady spasmed when he fell. I grabbed his sniper rifle and most importantly, his sunglasses.

run by you.

After that I headed back to my house, for a lovely peaceful sleep after realizing that I brutally murdered 7 people today.

rifle by you.