This Week In Fallout This Week

June 9, 2009, 1:30 pm
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Hello, This new blog is taking inspiration from Tom Francis’ blog serial ‘Fallout Girl’ and Chris Livingston’s ‘Living in Oblivion’. But Instead of pretending to be a NPC, I’m going to become the nicest person, trying to get the highest karma possible. In this serial I will not use cheats. Although the Title says its a weekly thing, rarely it will not be released on time. I’m playing this game on hard to give the game a harshness to it, so anything could kill our protagonist. Thank you for reading, Enjoy the future posts.


The reason for making this character sickly sweet is because in all my other characters I was as an evil bastard. I wanted to test my willpower of how long I could go being as nice as a kitten before I couldn’t take it anymore and start stealing shit.