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Day 2: Springvale Cleaning
June 28, 2009, 8:05 am
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My eyes are hurt by the harsh irradiated sunlight. The eyeglasses wasn’t helping. I jump down from rather a small cliff and follow the road down to the town called Springvale. I thought,  this would be full of objects worth money and useful to defending myself. In a few dressers I find a whiskey and vodka along with the occasional 10mm ammunition box. In the row of mailboxes I find random objects. things like a books helping my hand to hand skill. In a safe I find a 32 caliber pistol with 7 rounds. Its not much but some ammo is better than no ammo. I walk over to an abandoned ranch as it seemed like a reasonable place to rest.

I feel like owning n00bs by you.

I enter the house and see various drugs and cutlery on the table, then I realize the stereo is switched on to some propaganda radio station. Then a woman walks in. She gets agitated and started shouting at me. tell her to calm down and explain everything..So she does. It turns out shes a prostitute for a bar in a town called megaton. I tell her that I’ll tell him that your gone and she thanks me. I walk out and check out the town called megaton. before I find it I walk over to a vending machine, thinking that it might hold something useful. It had a few bottles of what was called Nuka Cola. I grabbed the three of them and walked over in the direction of the sign labeling megaton.

silver by you.

I encounter a huge metal scrapheap with what looked like Robbie the robot. I walk through the huge metal gates and greeted by a Lucas Simms, the town sheriff. I’m not good with first impressions so I kept my mouth shut. He labeled me as a ‘fucking wastelander’ and a ‘psychotic quiet type’. I think he likes me. He tells me something about defusing a bomb, what bomb? Oh the massive one in the town center, I’ll see what I can do. I walk down there and already see there’s someone praying to the damn thing. I tinker around with it and….yes, Its fixed. I go back to the sheriff and he gives me 100 bottle caps, the currency round here. He appreciated the job so much that he beckoned me to stay here. After that I needed a drink, so I headed over to the bar.

bomb by you.