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Day 4: Managing with broken arms
August 15, 2009, 2:02 am
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On one bright,irradiated day in Megaton, I woke up and grabbed my leather armour and my rifle and ran out of the city. Not too long ahead I was attacked by a camp full of raiders with weapons like sledgehammers, hunting rifles and a laser pistol. I threw one of my 4 grenades at the raiders, It hit them and blew one of their legs off and it rolled towards the car I was behind. This one had the hunting rifle, I grabbed it and tried to take pot shots at the raiders. I managed to decapitate one of them. the final raider was in front of me, I pulled out assault rifle and aimed for her chest, hitting her and knocking her off the bridge she was one.

start by you.

After dispatching them, I took their weapons, Including a sledgehammer, hunting rifle and various ammunitions. I continued along the massively cracked road. I encountered a big military truck with a dangerous robot, a Sergeant RL3, his body was too weedy to shoot and the truck was already catching fire.  Cowering behind the metal boxes, I popped up and down shooting at the android. It kept shooting at the truck, hammering full on until, BOOM. A massive explosion knocked me back, forming into a big irradiated mushroom cloud. I hopped back up, Fuck, both my arms are crippled. On the plus side, the robot is dead.

robot by you.

I kept walking along, getting attacked by dogs, Annoying ones. The Sledgehammer came in handy, whacking the dogs that came up across me. I walked acrsoss the brown, grey saturated world, with trees shrivelled up and black. The ground rolled over, with cracks in the middle of the earth, forming rocky cliffs, I found one and took a risk and jumped down. A group of heavily armed mercenarys in combat armor strolling along the bottom of the cliff face. I chose to hide in a crack of the bottom of the cliffside. I crouched and turned the light of my Pipboy off. One of the three aproached and talked to me. He said something about me being too good at being nice and they wanted to kill me. I tried sorting it out with them but they were not in the mood to talk. So if they were in the mood for something else, I guess I better join in. I pulled out my assault rifle, and got to cover. I aimed for the head and shot at one of mercenarys. I blew their face off, exploding in five different ways. The second Talon Company merc took a intimadating approach and ran at me. I grabbed my sledgehammer and whacked his legs off. The third guy took the smart approach and ran away; but I got in a lucky shot and stopped him running.

talon company by you.

I looted them and found my leather armor obselete. I found myself walking north to see how far I could get and I came across a large cluster of buildings surrounded by barbed wire and sandbags. I walked around the rim and looked for the entrance. I came across a bridge and walked over it. A man in combat armor asked me why I was here. I told him whats what and he then said “We can’t take any chances with super mutants”. Where the fuck am I?

bigtown by you.